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The presidents of big companies lay great emphasis on the management and appropriate use of three basic principles of time, energy and capital for increasing success and improving efficiency.Consequently,the high numbers of manufacturing companies, variety of products on the market and misleading advertisements make it difficult for everyone to decide. The following subjects are the concerns of the project managers, presidents of manufacturing companies and sales managers.

1.Finding a product with outstanding quality.

2.Finding a product with competitive price.

3.Finding a product with outstanding and standard packaging.

4.Delivering the product according to the manufacturing company’ schedule.

5.After sale services and appropriate responsibility of the company after delivery of product.In this regard,Raja Al Khaleej company by considering above subjects and including valuable experiences and experienced staff in producing, packaging and exporting of stone has provided the best quality, packaging and price.This company by relying on its slogan:”profit is on repeated sale and repeated sale will be achieved after customers’ satisfaction” has presented the best quality of products.


The formation of this company dates back to the work experience of the president of Omrane Spadana company. Omrane Spadana company has operated on constructional activities both inside and outside of the country from 2006 to 2009 . Engineer Sayed Ali Rajaei was the chairman of the Board and senior supervisor. This company had different and considerable experiences in overseas projects in countries such as Emirate,Iraq,Kuwait ,etc. In this regard, after establishing relations with project owners and international producing companies and for the presence of natural sources and specialized force works in Iran,Ali Rajaei decided to establish a company to produce and export different kinds of construction stones according to international standards. This decision became the core of the formation of Raja Al Khaleej company. The company which has been active in the field of stone production and export to the Arab countries since 2009 and continues to operate with two branches with warehouse in abroad. This company continues its activities and it’s in the direction of expanding commercial activities with the help of its senior advisors.

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The goal is the motive of the movement and the organizational plan that determines the direction of the movement. The existence of goal and program in a complex is vital such as the presence of a compass in a ship. Every powerful complex regardless of its success rate and its business class without the purpose of the movement, will either be in its own way and will be lost in the turbulence and the heights of the market. In this regard, organizational goals of this company are : 1.To maintain and improve reputation and to create a reliable brand in its expertise. 2. Obtaining, maintaining and increasing the level of customer satisfaction at each level of interaction. This company always prefers being good to being first.


Raja Al Khaleej company has a continuing and significant presence in the markets of Iraq,Qatar and Emirate. This company follow up its perspectives in short -term, mid term and long-term domain by training the experienced work forces and designing a detailed plan. 1.Preserve existing market position in the available markets(short-term goal) 2.Increasing market share in the above mentioned markets(mid term goal) 3.Entering into new markets in the region and beyond(longterm goal) 4.All of these perspectives are in pursuit of an excellent goal.This goal is the transformation of Raja brand to a wellknown brand in the business world with a building stone issue.A brand which is reliable for customers and also it is uncompetitive and unachievable for colleagues.